Sunday, June 28, 2009

3 Weeks Old!

Grayson is 3 weeks old!! The time has flown by already and he is constantly changing and doing new things! He is continuing to sleep well through the night for the most part, but is fighting gas more and more (something we may have to talk to the doctor about! haha). His umbilical cord finally fell off and we were able to give him his first bath - which he decided towards the end he wasn't fond of quite yet. He also started to swing in his swing, which he does seem to like!

We are amazed every day how much he is growing! He is already holding his head up so great!! Like I said, he is sleeping well through the night - waking up once in the middle of the night and not again until morning! We are definitely blessed in that area!!! He is definitely eating well (around 4 ounces each feeding) and is now exclusively on formula.

Josh's Mom has been a great help while living here! She has allowed Josh and I to get some much needed sleep a couple nights and she helps a great deal during the day as well. We are grateful to have her here!

Grayson will go to his next pediatrician check-up on July 7th for his 1 month visit. We know he will have gained quite a bit of weight!! :) We will definitely have more to update soon, so check back!!

Love to everyone!!

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