Saturday, August 22, 2009

11 Weeks!!

Today, Grayson is 11 weeks old!! And boy, is he changing!!! He is constantly smiling up a storm, he is teething now, and he's in his big-boy bath tub!! :) He's sleeping good at night still, but staying up more during the day and just taking smaller cat-naps. He's eating like crazy (takes after his dad!) and he is growing so strong! He is starting to pull himself up into a sitting position if you let him hold onto your hands. He's also pushing up really well during tummy-time!! He's just so strong!!!!

We can't believe he is teething already, but the pediatrician said that some babies start early, and he definitely is!! Josh apparently cut his first tooth at 4 months old and was teething way before that!!

I am now back at work (going on 3 weeks now) and Josh's mom is watching Grayson. I really miss being home with him and sometimes wish I didn't have to miss out on so much time. But, I am so thankful that we have family watching him instead of having to put him in daycare right away.

Well, that's our update for now!! He's continuiing to grow every day!!!! We just love him so much and he's such a happy boy!!

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